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Frequently Asked Questions: Universal ECG™Universal ECG, 12-Channel Resting

Quick Access - ECG Basics | Standards & Specifications | Reports & Printing | Warranty & Misc.


ECG Basics

Do you have a quick start guide for the Universal ECG?
Yes. Please download the Universal ECG How-To Guide.


Which interpretation program does the Universal ECG employ?
The interpretation program developed by Cardionics SA in conjunction with the Catholic University of Louvaine (UCL) in Belgium.  Download the Universal ECG Algorithm brochure for additional information.


What measurements do I get with the interpretation?
   • Heart Rate
   • P Duration
   • PR Interval
   • QRS Duration
   • QT Interval
   • QTc Interval
   • P Axis
   • QRS Axis
   • T Axis
You also get a detailed count of the amplitude, slope, and duration of each lead at the P, Q, R, S and T.


Is there a pediatric interpretation?
No, the interpretative algorithm does not provide a specific pediatric interpretation; the algorithm has been validated at ages above 16.

Can I edit the interpretation?
Yes, you can edit the interpretation and also add comments for each test.

Can I turn off the interpretation?

Can the filters be defaulted on?

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Standards & Specifications

Does the Universal ECG meet AAMI standards?
Yes, it complies with the following safety standards:
   • AAMI EC11
   • IEC 60601-1
   • EC 60601-1-2
   • IEC 60601-2-25

How durable it the Universal ECG? Can it handle the volume of patients we see?
The Universal ECG does not have any moving parts so it does not require annual maintenance contracts for calibration/servicing. Like any ECG, over time the lead wires will need to be replaced. The lead wires should be handled gently to ensure maximum life is met. The lead wires should not be pulled on, twisted,wrapped in a ball, or caught in the wheels of a cart.


How much does the Universal ECG weigh?
> 12 ounces

How long are the lead wires?
Limb Leads – 1 meter
Chest Leads – 0.6 meter

Can I connect the Universal ECG via a USB port?
Yes, the Universal ECG has a direct USB connection.

How long is the cable connection to the PC?
1.8 meters

Can I use suction cups or straps?
Yes, any electrode system will work that connects snugly to the ECG lead wire connectors (4mm “banana” plugs).

Is the Universal ECG defibrillator protected/recoverable?

Is the patient isolated?
Patient leads are isolated from system and operator with 4kV protection.

What is the frequency response?
0.05 to 175Hz, +/-3dB

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Universal ECG Reports & Printing

What file format are the ECGs saved in?
SCP format. SCP-ECG, Standard communications protocol for computer assisted electrocardiography, is a file format for ECG traces, annotations and metadata. It is defined in the joint ANSI/AAMI standard EC71:2001 and in the CEN standard EN 1064:2005.

How can I get the ECGs into my EMR?
Our PC-based ECG integrates with all EMRs that can import PDF, JPEG or TIFF files, which accounts for nearly all EMRs on the market.  If a more direct integration is desired, contact Customer Care for more information.

How long are the ECG recordings?
ECGs can be viewed in real-time for an unlimited period of time. Up to 15 minutes of ECG trace can be paused and reviewed. Once SAVE is selected, a 10-second recording is saved and interpreted.

How large is the ECG file?
Raw file format average size – 90 kb
PDF average size – 700 kb


What report types can I print?
Download the Sample Report for page references listed below.

  • 3x4 Simultaneous – shows a 2.5 second simultaneous segment of ECG data for each of the leads, as well as the full 10 seconds of captured data for a single lead. (See Page 1 of Sample Report)
  • 3x4 Sequential – shows a sequential sample of 2.5 seconds of ECG data from each of the 12 channels. The format has three rows of four channels of data, with a single channel at the bottom of the page. (See Page 2 of Sample Report)
  • Average Complexes – shows an average complex for each of the 12 channels. It also includes a single channel 10-second trace.
  • 6x1 Report – features the full 10 seconds of data from each of the 12 leads. (See Pages 4-5 of Sample Report)
  • 6x2 Report – features 5 seconds of data from each of the twelve leads. (See Page 3)
  • Measurements Report – features the amplitude of the various parts of the wave in mV for each of the 12 channels, the slope of the ST segment (in millimeters/s) and the duration (in milliseconds) for Q, R, S, R’ and S’. (See Page 7)
  • Zoom & Average Zoom Reports – The zoom view report can only be created by clicking the ZOOM button from the ECG Diagnostic Window. The Average Zoom Report prints an exploded view of a single QRS complex with the software’s measurement of the following quantities: P duration, PR duration, QRS duration and QT duration. (See Pages 8-9)


What printers can I print to?
Most printers should work with the Universal ECG.

Can the reports be printed in both landscape and portrait?
All analyzed reports are printed in landscape. Printouts of the real-time window can be done in either portrait or landscape.

Can I use thermal paper?
Only if your printer handles thermal paper.

Can I print on red graph paper?
For a red grid background it is recommended you use a color printer using plain paper.

Can I fax or email the report?
It is possible with the installation of a Windows-compatible fax or e-mail software.

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Warranty & Misc.

What is the warranty for the Universal ECG?
3-year hardware warranty on device – 1 year warranty on lead wires and PC connection cable.  For additional details, visit the hardware warranty page within Customer Care.

What if I break a lead wire?
Send the broken cable(s) to a certified QRS service center to repair the broken lead wire(s).  Request an RMA Number here.

Can I clean the device with alcohol?
No, you should only clean the cable with a clean cloth moistened with water. Alcohol will damage the plastic over time and may cause the case to crack.

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